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30th August 2006, 05:31 PM
Table of Contents: Sep-Aug 06 Issue

Editor's Note: This is the first anniversary of the TFM Page magazine (it was launched in Sep 2005). During this one year, we published 7 issues in total including 2 monthlies and 5 bi-monthlies. Many of the series and articles were well-received. We had a few interesting contests too. I think they all covered a nice variety of topics across TFM. I am very happy to be part of this effort, and I hope you find it enlightening, enriching and fun. The credit goes to the authors and their wonderful contributions. I wish to thank everyone of them! And of course you the TFM fans who provided with comments, encouragement and support. Thanks all! I seek your ideas/inputs to make the magazine better for the years to come: What do you like or dislike about the magazine? What would you like to see (that's not yet covered)? What niche areas that the magazine can target? Pls post your thoughts (?t=7862)..! Or email me.


The Screen Turners Chapter III - Part 2: KILL THRILL (?t=7844) - The Screen turners is a series by Naaz on novels that have been turned into movies. Chapter III is about writer Sujatha's "Karaiyellaam Shenbagapoo" novel. In Part 2, Naaz analyses the story and its movie interpretation.

Background Scores in Tamil Movies - Pithamagan (?t=7780) - In this series on role of BGM's in tamil movies, Suresh Kumar takes up Pithamagan and provides detailed illustrations of how Ilaiyaraja's BGM carries the movie through.

Thiraiyil Ilakkiyam - sogathukku iru varigaL (Raj) (?t=7776) - In this episode of the series on literary view of popular songs in TFM, Raj takes up 'un kaNNil neer vazhinthaal' from Vietnam veedu.


TFM Anniversary Lucky Draw (?t=7861) - No quizzes to crack or puzzles to solve, still you can win a prize! Click to find out how..