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Thread: A Brief Historical Study on "Yarlpaanam Tamil Kingdom (Jaffna) of Sri Lanka

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    A Brief Historical Study on "Yarlpaanam" Tamil Kingdom (Jaffna) of Sri Lanka

    The Tamil Kingdom of "Yaarlpaanam (Jaffna)" emerged from the thirteenth century (i.e.from after the beginning of the Year A.D.1200)

    (1) Vijaya Kuulankai Arya Chkkravarthi - விஜயகூழங்கை ஆரிய சக்கரவர்த்தி
    (2) Kulasekara Singhai Ariyan - குலசேகர சிங்கையாரியன்
    (3) Kulothunga Singhai Ariyan - குலோத்துங்க சிங்கையாரியன்
    (4) Vikkrama Singhai Ariyan - விக்கிரம சிங்கையாரியன்
    (5) Varodaya Singhai Ariyan - வரோதய சிங்கையாரியன்
    (6) Maarththaanda Singhai Ariyan - மார்த்தாண்ட சிங்கையாரியன்
    (7) Kunabhushana Singhai Ariyan - குணபூசண் சிங்கையாரியன்
    (8) Virodaya Singhai Ariyan - வீரோதய சிங்கையாரியன். The Mathurai under Chandrasekara Paandiyan was invaded and captured by Veerasekara Cholan and captured. The lost Chandrasekaran Paandiyam seeked the help of Krishnadevarayer - 2 to win back Madurai and Krishnadevaraya - 2 sent his general Naagama Naayakkar who won Madurai but didnot hand it back to Paandiyan but he asserted his own rule at Madurai and this time he seeked the assistance from Virodaya Singai Ariyan to retreive the kingdom of Madurai with the help of his former alies the Sethupathis and with the forces of Visvanatha Nayakkar defeated Maduraui and ruled for few Years, but
    demised in the year A.D.1529 with successor to the throne. Hence from then onwards Visvanather establised the Nayakkar rule in Mathurai.
    (9) Jeyaveera Singhai Ariyan - செயவீர சிங்கையாரியன்
    (10) Kunaveera Singhai Ariyan - குணவீர சிங்கையாரியன்
    (11) Kanakasuriya Singhai Ariyan - கனகசூரிய சிங்கை ஆரியன்

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