View Full Version : HOW TO post audio messages?

7th January 2021, 08:39 AM


We are interested to explore having audio posts in addition to usual text posts - similar to WhatsApp. If you are interested, you may do so following the steps below.

Note that all standard Hub moderation policies apply for audios too. :-)

Steps to post audio message

1. Record your message in mp3. (Google if you need help.)

2. Add the mp3 as attachment to your post. (Pls do NOT upload copyrighted audio files.)
3. Edit the post and add audio tags as below

[audio ]attachment.php?attachmentid=1234&d=1234567890[/ audio]

To get the content of the audio tag ('attachment.php...' part), you need to copy the url of the attached mp3 and then trim it to something like above.

4. Save and submit

Have fun !

Note: On mobile, you may need to download the attached file (from below) and play it. Whereas, on desktop or laptop, you can just click the play button above and the audio should play.