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13th August 2005, 09:33 AM
‘en mEl vizhundha mazhaithuLiye" - A Lyrical Analysis

First love. The situation is beaten to death by our lyricists. Numerous songs have been written, sung and forgotten. But there are few that will ever live in our memories. ‘en mel vizhundha mazhaithuLiye’ is one such song. This soft melodious romantic duet features excellent lines Vairamuthu has ever written in his carrier.
The very first line captures our attention

‘en mel vizhundha mazhaithuLiye ithanai naaLai engirundhaai’

I’m sure all of us, at one point of time in our life, would have wondered where,how and when an affection, love sprouted out. It need not have to be romantic love, it could very well be a friendship that blossomed suddenly or talent you thought you never had and there is no poetically better way to express them.

The poet continues

Indru ezhudhiya en kaviye ithanai naaLai engirundhaai
Ennai ezhuppiya poongaatre ithanai naaLai engirundhaai
Ennai mayakkiya mellisaiye ithanai naaLai engirundhaai

The proclamation progresses with each line. But then apt comes the reply

Udambil uraigindra oaruyir pol unakkuLthaane naan irundhen

Don’t look around you fool. Look within yourself, it’s always been within you, inside you. Its only today you realized its presence.

The lines are equally philosophical as it is romantic
The charanam explains this concept in detail

Mannai thirandhaal neer irukkum
En manadhai thirandhaal nee iruppai
Oliyai thirandhaal isai irukkum
En uyirai thirandhaal nee iruppai

‘olikuL isai pol ennuL nee’ - Never heard or read this uvamai before. Makes one to ask

‘indru ezhudhiye Vairamuthe ithanai naaLai engirundheer’?

Vaanam thriandhaal mazhai irukkum
En vayadhai thriandhaal nee iruppai

You will buried in the pages of my history..no I correct that . You will be my history

Iravai thirandhaal pagal irukkum
En imaiyai thirandhaal nee iruppai

Ilaiyum malarum urasugaiyil
Enne baasahi pesidumo

Alaiyum karaiyum urasugaiyil
Enne baashai pesidumo

Mannum vinnum urasugaiyil
Enne baashai pesidumo

Paarvai irandum pesikondaal
Baashai oomaiyaividumo

Last few remaining lines are not as outstanding but they aren’t bad either.

Listen to 'en mEl vizhuntha' (http://forumhub.mayyam.com/cgi-bin/stream.pl?url=http://forumhub.mayyam.com/tfmmagazine/sep05/enmelvizhuntha.rm).

When I first listened to the song I felt like asking
emmai mayakkiye rahmane ithanai naaLai engirundhaai

After listening to few of ARR’s latest albums I feel like asking
emmai mayakkiye rahmane enge tholaindhu poivittai


19th August 2005, 07:39 AM
Nice Article Ramki.. This was one of my favourite songs lyrics wise as well as music wise... Surprisingly the other songs in this movie had very poor lyrics except for certain lines in Maargazhi poove and Minnale.. Again there's a mixture of good lines inbetween some absurd imaginations in these songs..

2nd September 2005, 04:22 AM
Thanks Thiru. In one of his tv interviews, PCsriraman mentioned that this is his favorite song .