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28th August 2005, 12:20 PM
Table of Contents - Sep 2005 Issue

Editor's Note: On behalf of the TFM Page team, I feel great pleasure in announcing the launch of our new venture, The TFM Page Magazine! A magazine just for our cherished site - TFM Page. This is an effort to publish creative and quality works on TFM so as to better appreciate the music and enrich our knowledge. Are you looking for an outlet to publish articles related to TFM and get wide readership? Do you have an excellent TFM related blog, but wished your stuff was read by more than a trickle? Or, did you wish to write a detailed account of a song/album that you recently listened to? TFM Page Magazine is the answer! Submit your stuff - articles, lyrics analyses, perspectives, reviews, song appreciation or raga based songs, or any good creative material (e.g. multimedia presentations) related to TFM, and reach out to a huge audience at the TFM Page, the No. 1 Tamil film music portal. More.. (?t=4587)


Classical Crossover music by Ilayaraaja: A perspective (?t=4584) - The release of Thiruvasakam in Symphony (TiS), proclaimed the usage of a new genre called 'Classical crossover'. In this article, Kiru takes a look at a few Ilaiyaraja's songs that precede TIS release but justify classification under this genre.

The Screen Turners: Part I (?t=4578) - Naaz presents a series on novels that have been turned into movies. Each novel is dealt with by interviewing the writer on his/her experiences & thoughts, and a discussion of the film, story and songs. The first novel taken up is "47 Naatkal".

SaRiGaPaDhaSa family, Neighbours of Mohanam and TFM (?t=4573) - The beauty of Mohanam and its popularity in film songs is well-known. In this article, RR takes a look at some neighbours of Mohanam, and shows (with song illustrations) that they too share Mohanam's beauty and hit quotient.

en mEl vizhundha mazhaithuLiye (?t=4447) - A lyrical analysis by Ramki.


TFM Quiz (?t=4575) - Participate in the quiz and win prizes.