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2nd October 2005, 03:32 PM
Table of Contents - Oct '05 Issue "Pasumai Niraintha NinaivugaLe"

Editor's Note : It was Oct 1995 when three tamil film music fans in Bangalore wondered about a web site for TFM, and decided to set aside some precious vetti time to do some HTML-ing.. And, thus TFM Page was born. It is 2005 now and yes, our 10-th anniversary..! We are celebrating it and would like you all fans to join us in the celebrations...! This issue of TFM Page magazine is a commemorative issue titled 'Pasumai Niraintha Ninaivugale' in which we are going to get into nostalgic moods. You'll get to read about the history of TFM Page & how it all started, memories and personal experiences by oldtimers, nostalgic threads, etc. For seniors, this issue is going to be like 'malarum ninaivugal' and for newcomers this will reveal much more about the culture and evolution of TFM Page over these 10 years. Hope you find it interesting. Of course, this is by no means exhaustive. We would like you all to write about your personal memories/experiences and share it with everyone. Come, let's reminisce.. More.. (?t=4796)


History of TFM Page: Part I- The Inception (?t=4799) - Have you ever wondered how the TFM Page came about and reached this stage of huge popularity..? Join RR as he walks down the memory lane and writes about the history of TFM Page from the insider's angle..

TFM Page Impressions (?t=4797) - NOV, a well-known veteran of TFM Page, recounts his fond memories as a TFM fan from MIME days to till date..

gnaabagam varuthE... (?t=4798) - Nostalgic memories from Ramki's 'Autograph' in his inimitable poetic style .

andha naal gyabagam - Reminiscences by Sathya Kabali. (To be up soon)


10-th Anniversary Lucky Draw..! (?t=4082) - A simple no-frills 'contest' where anyone can participate and win prizes. See how you can join the fray.


- Ths is a special issue. The regular features will appear in the Nov '05 issue.
- TFM Quiz results will be announced after Oct 15, 2005.