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31st October 2005, 02:11 PM
Ludes of Raja - *CLOSED*

Ilaiyaraja's songs often boast of cute, wicked, and sometimes stunning preludes/interludes/postludes. We will see some of them in this quiz. You will be given short clips taken from the pre,inter or post ludes of popular songs, and you have to identify the first line of the song and the movie in which the song appeared. Ready?

Here we go..!

1. Clip 1 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/1.mp3)
2. Clip 2 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/2.mp3)
3. Clip 3 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/3.mp3)
4. Clip 4 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/4.mp3)
5. Clip 5 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/5.mp3)
6. Clip 6 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/6.mp3)
7. Clip 7 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/7.mp3)
8. Clip 8 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/8.mp3)
9. Clip 9 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/9.mp3)
10. Clip 10 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/10.mp3)
11. Clip 11 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/11.mp3)
12. Clip 12 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/12.mp3)
13. Clip 13 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/13.mp3)
14. Clip 14 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/14.mp3)
15. Clip 15 (http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/nov05/15.mp3)

(Need help playing the clips? Download WINAMP (http://www.winamp.com/player/), the simple & cute .mp3 player. )

Pls send your answers to [html:e9801e3fa0]<script language="javascript">emaillink('rrprivate-magazine yahoo.com','this address')</script>[/html:e9801e3fa0](rrprivate-magazine AT yahoo.com). The winner will receive a music CD of choice..! (In case of a tie, we'll choose the entry that reached us first.)

You can participate alone or as a team. Pls do NOT discuss the questions on any forum/group. You may be disqualified if you do so. Quiz master's decision is final.

Entries have to reach us by Nov 30, 2005. So, hurry!

8th January 2006, 03:31 PM
Results announced: http://tfmmagazine.mayyam.com/jan06/?t=5610