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14th August 2006, 11:12 AM
Improved 'Latest posts/discussion'

The 'Latest posts/discussion' is a most-used feature but it had some problems:

- the Hub portal listed only 10 recent posts. To read more, one had to be logged-in.
- Even in logged-in more, if the page was reloaded by mistake, it refreshed the latest access time also and displayed only the posts since the previous access.

So a new feature has been implemented. With this, you can read posts in the last 24 hrs, 48 hrs or 72 hrs - whether or not you are logged in. To access this, on http://www.mayyam.com/hub/ , look to the top right just above the forum list. You'll see

View latest: 24h 48h 72h

Click on the suitable link and there you go!

I've set the 'Latest discussion' link on the top banner to 24h link. So, clicking on it will show the posts from last 24 hrs.