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26th December 2009, 05:24 PM
Hub Awards 2010 - Introduction

Welcome .. to The Hub awards 2010 - the yearly coronotion event of the Hub..!
As in previous years, the awards will be given out in various categories, and be voted by you - the hubbers..! The following are the categories included:

Tamil Films (Actors, Directors, etc)
Tamil Film Music (Song, MDs, Singers, Lyricists, etc)
Tamil TV Serials (Actors, Directors, MDs)
Hindi Films (Actors,Directors,MDs,etc)

There's something for you too - the Hubbers award! Pls read on..


There will be three stages:

Nominations will be done in the relevant sections of the Hub by participants of this Hub. The nomination period will be for two weeks from Dec 28 2009 (Monday) to Jan 11 2010 (Monday) both days inclusive.

Voting will be for all categories in this special section. All participants of the Hub will vote for the nominees in each category. Voting will begin on January 14, 2010, for ten days.

Results will be compiled and announced a few days after the voting closes.

Opening of new threads in this special section will be disabled. All discussions will take place in the specific, related, threads.


All hubbers are eligible to make nominations. Members are free to nominate any release of the year 2009, provided they are relevant to the category. However, each person can only make up to three nominations in each category.

Nominations for each category will take place in the respective sections of the Hub. Please look out for announcements in the relevant sections. Any other similar poll previously started by the Hubbers will be frozen during this exercise.

Regardless of number of nominations, only the top few will be selected for voting. Hub Team reserves the right to amend the final selection, if necessary.


Voting will begin on January 14, 2010 and will end on January 23, 2009. Voting will be done in this section for all categories. Look out for further announcements on this.

All participants in this Hub are eligible to vote in all categories. You will have to be registered to participate in this voting exercise. Each person can only vote once in each category. Hub Team reserves the right to delete duplicate votes made.

Voting will cease on January 23 midnight (IST) and relevant threads will be locked from that date onwards.


Results will be announced a few days after voting closes. Trophies and Certificates of accomplishment will be sent to all celebrities voted. (The picture of the awards you see above are actual Hub Awards. )

Hubber Awards

Just like last year, there will be Hubber awards (in each category) to hubber(s) whose nominations match the final results the closest. Attractive prizes await..! So, don't miss out on your nominations.. :)


Please use this thread to clear doubts and for other enquiries. You may also explore the last year's Hub Awards threads (http://forumhub.mayyam.com/hub/index.php?c=10) to get a better idea.