View Full Version : Hub is now iPhone/iPod Touch Enabled!

2nd February 2011, 11:29 PM
Good news for iPhone/iPod Touch owners! You can now browse the Hub in iPhone/iPod friendly view.. Here are some screenshots:

Forum Index


Topics list




Q: I have iPhone/iPod Touch. How to get this?

1. Go to Apple Appstore, and download TouchBB Lite. It's FREE.
2. Open the app and create account like this:

Forum URL: http://www.mayyam.com/talk/
Username: <your-login-id>
Password: <your-password>

3. Save, that's it!

Go to Forum tab to view forum index.. The 'lite' view loads quite fast!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is provided as an experimental service. If you face any problem with this app, pls approach the TouchBB author ('google'). Also note that the free version comes with limitations like:

* No Picture uploading
* No Pagination for forums and topics
* \"Posted with TouchBB\" tag line and tell a friend link