View Full Version : Hub now integrates with Facebook

3rd February 2011, 02:08 PM
The Hub has been on Facebook for a while:


(Connect to it, in case you haven't!)

But there was no real integration with The Hub forums. Not anymore! Happy to share that Hub now seamlessly connects with Facebook and brings you - Facebook fans - enhanced Hubbing experience.

Q. I'm a Hubber, and I have Facebook. What's new?

* You can import your Facebook Bio,Location,Interests into your Hub profile.
* When you create a thread, you can let it get posted on your Facebook page and promote it
amongst your friends.
* You can 'Like' a topic

Q. I'm not a Hubber yet, but have Facebook. Does this mean anything to me?

Yes, you don't have to register anymore on Hub! Just connect your Facebook
with Hub, and you can login to Hub via Facebook.

Q. Ok, how do I do this?

You'll see a button called 'f Connect' on top of Hub. It's a Facebook app for connecting with Hub.
Once you allow HubConnect to access your Facebook, your Facebook and Hub accounts
will merge and that's it!

DISCLAIMER: Allowing HubConnect Facebook app lets Hub forums access your Facebook profile
and other public information about yourself. This comes with terms & conditions. Pls read carefully
before accepting.