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  1. madhus369 said:

    Legends in their 60s

    This one is on a lighter note...

    When commoners get close to their 60s, they take stock of their family, career, finance, look-ahead options etc. Our actors, and some of their adoring fans, instead hold on to the past. Nothing wrong with that.. just interesting, that's all...

    Here is a quick snapshot of how some of the legends did in their 60th year!

    Sivaji at 60:
    En Thamizh En Makkal - NHO
    Puthiya Vaanam - Flop

    MGR at 60:
    Indru Pol Endrum Vaazhga - Hit
    Navarathinam - Average
    Meenava Nanban - Blockbuster (political)

    Rajini at 60:
    Enthiran - Blockbuster

    KH at 60:
    Uttama Villain - Flop
    Papanasam - Hit
    Thoongavanam - Flop

    Thoughts? And, if we extend this to how the current actors would do in their 60s, that would be fun too....
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  2. madhus369 said:
    And, here are some from the Hollywood side of things...

    Harrison Ford
    - K-19: The widowmaker - Flop

    Clint Eastwood
    - White Hunter Black Heart - Flop
    - The Rookie - Flop

    Bruce Willis (this year... same as KH)
    - Vice - ?
    - Rock the Kasbah - ?

    Morgan Freeman
    - Amistad - A Spielberg directed flop
    - Kiss the Girls - Not sure... was a good thriller.

    Cary Grant
    - Father Goose - Flop

  3. madhus369 said:
    And, here are some 60 yo performances from 'other' regions in India:

    Amitabh Bachchan
    - Aankhen - Flop
    - Hum Kisise Kum Nahin - Flop
    - Kaante - Medium hit (this was the Hindi version of Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino)

    Rajesh Khanna
    - Kya Dil Ne Kaha ??

    - Simham Navvindi - Flop
    - Chanda Sasanudu - Flop

    ANR (mostly flops)
    - Muddula Mogudu ??
    - Oorantha sankranthi
    - Ramudu Kadu Krishnudu
    - Bahoodurapu Baatasari
    - Amara Jeevi
    - Sriranganeetulu

    Mammootty (all flops)
    - Venice Vyapari
    - Bombay March 12
    - The Train
    - Doubles
    - August 15

    - Rendammozham - TBD
    - Empuran - TBD
    - Hello Mayavi - TBD
    - The Mahabaratha - TBD
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  4. madhus369 said:
    And, on an even lighter note... if this is extended to current acting crop.... how would that turn out????

    - Akkare Oru Mampazha Drishyam
    - No 22, Island Express

    - Singam 5
    - Ayan 3

    - Vaali 3
    - Billa 6
    - Naanum oru caar driver

    - Yohan
    - Oosi (Kaththi-3)
    - Thottaa (Thuppaakki-2)

    SJ Surya
    - Old (sequel to New)
    - o... O (sequel to a...aa)

    - Romba kettavan

    Shah Rukh
    - Don 5
    - My name is Shah
    - Dil me kuch hua kyaa?

    Aamir Khan
    - 2 Billion Idiots
    - QL (sequel to PK)

    Salman Khan
    - Dabaang 6

    Akshay Kumar
    - Khilaadi 8

    Any further additions?

  5. madhus369 said:
    Tough to do this for actresses, since their age-claims are more outrageous lies than the men.

  6. Saai said:
    break even?!! the film only released today you @#$@#$
  7. madhus369 said:
    I agree... that's why the question mark... could also end up as a flop. is your keyboard stuck?

    And I dont respond to moronic idiots like Saai.
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  8. Saai said:
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    is your keyboard stuck?
    yes, somewhere in your .. lol
  9. madhus369 said:
    Missed out one actress who probably had no reason to hide her age...

    - Saamy - hit
    - Diwaan - ?
    - Whistle - ?
    - Anbe Anbe - ?

    And... the thespians...
    - Madam - NHO
    - Kattabomman - NHO

    M N Nambiar
    - None in Tamil (all Malayalam)

    And, a malayalam yesteryear actor, who has legend status over there...

    - Thalamura - flop

  10. madhus369 said:
    Most of this info is from wiki/other sites... so, could be 1-2 years off either side... But to me, it is interesting to see how success follows or fails actors at this age.