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    Querida said:

    One-Liner Tale

    There is a game we used to play where we would write one line and only one line to continue the story...usually turned out to be a crazy adventure story...anyways what we would do is that we would fold the paper so that only the line we wrote was seen instead of the previous ones...but then in the ending we would unfold the paper and read the whole story try it sometime! Anyways let's try this...remember any line and go nuts with the plot...try not to have conclusive sentences:

    Phil now totally flustered looked to his partner for some
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    Surya said:
    Jack backed up a step.
    "You got yourself in this mess, you get you're self out." he said and sprinted away.

    Back after a while...
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    Querida said:
    God had it come to this???...Phil looked around to see if anyone else was
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    nirosha sen said:
    There was blood everywhere, but somebody has to clean up the mess, before anyone else turns up!!

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    scorpio said:
    As Phil started to set things right, the telephone rang. Who could it be??

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    nirosha sen said:
    As he picked up the phone, he forgot he shouldn't have done it without gloves or at least a hanky!
  7. ts said:
    He picked up a tissue paper and wiped the phone clean using some peroxide from a bottle nearby...
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    P_R said:
    ......and realising that her transsexual identity crisis was leading her to confuse pronouns , (s)he consumed the rest of the peroxide in one gulp.
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    pavalamani pragasam said:
    Totally inexperienced, Phil should have refrained from cutting the potato before his wife arrived. His little finger continued to bleed..
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    Querida said:
    I think Madame PP and Prabhu Ram have replied to the same line...what to do now....all i can ask is for one of you to reply the first that replies will be the first to continue the story...whoever's doesn't get chosen...please do not in any way digress from replying...

    any suggestions what to do in future dilemmas such as this???...a vote would take too long and to choose the first one would be sacrificing other what to do