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Thread: The truth of “Death, Karma, and Re-birth” of all “Human Beings” in this World

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    The truth of “Death, Karma, and Re-birth” of all “Human Beings” of this Planet Earth

    The truth of “Death, Karma, and Re-birth” of all “Human Beings” of this Planet Earth as per the doctrines of “Tamil Saivaism” of Tamil Nadu.


    There had been Millions and Millions of Living Souls created by God at the time of Evolution of this Planet Earth, which at some time or the other have been classified in to five groups as Human, Animal, Bird, Reptile and Vegetable - Beings, with various Bodily Forms created for these Souls to Exist and Live their Life as Living Beings of the above Groups in this Planet Earth by God.

    “All Men and Women - the Human Beings” born in this Planet Earth, are regarded as the most fortunate among all Living Beings created by God with six Senses to their merit of having done much “Nal Vinaikal’ (good Karmas) during their previous Life time (Birth). The less fortunate are the Living Beings the Animal, Birds, Reptile and Vegetable Beings of this Planet Earth having done much ‘Theeya Vinaikal” (bad Karmas) having only five Senses with less fortunate Lives and their World (Ulakam = sphere of activity) is known as the "Thaalntha Ulakam" in this same Planet Earth.

    The "Saint Maanikkavaasakar of the 4th centry A.D the one among the foremost four of the 64 - Tamil Saiva Saints of Tamil Nadu", has very clearly stated in his "Sivapuranam” of “Thiruvaasakam" that all Souls undergo transmigration from all less fortunate groups of Living Beings progressively to higher groups upto Animal Beings, and finally to the group of Human Beings with the increased progression of their “Nal Vinaikal” (good Karmas), above which they are closer to God and to be a part of his realm.

    Even as Human beings, they have two Levels of Life in this Planet Earth which is termed as "Melulakam" (Upper World = Heaven) and "Keelulakam" (Lower World = Hell) within this Planet itself (not anywhere in the other Planets or outer Space). The modern Space Scientists too have proved beyond doubt with their active Space Research that there are no Living Beings in the major Planets - the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupitor, Venus, Saturn, Sun, neither has God created any other 'Space Stations' beyond the Planet Earth called the 'Melulakam' and 'Keel Ulakam'.

    Briely all "Worlds" = "Spheres of Activity" - namely the "Thaalntha Ulakam" (Animal World = World of Animals, Birds, Reptiles and Vegetable), and the "Mel Ulakam" (Upper World=Heaven) and Keel Ulakam (Lower World=Hell) being the two levels of the "Human World" - all exists in this same Planet Earth.

    A 'Thevaaram' (holy Verse) from the Pathikam (a collection of ten verses) sung on God Shiva, by "Saint Suntharamoorthy Naayanaar" of the 9th century one of the foremost among the 64 - Tamil Saiva Saints of Tamil Nadu, highlights the reality of every one's Life (in Human Form) in the Human World (either in the Melulakam or Keelulakam) in this same Planet Earth, which is an "Illusion" (not long lasting) and will "definitely" end up (one day) in Sand (or Ashes).

    Hence having no delay "do 'Aram' (Charity) - "by feeding those in Hunger", and "doing good deeds to those in Greivance and others in Sickness" with "consoling Words and in Kindness" - and elevate yourself with "Nal Vinaikal' (good Karma), and from being further immersed in the "ruinous ocean of Rebirth".

    "வாழ்வாவது மாயம் மிது மண்ணாவது திண்ணம்",
    பாழ் போவது பிறவிக்கடல், பசிநோய் செய்த பறிதான், தாழாது "அறஞ்" (Aram) செய்ம்மின் தடங் கண்ணான் மலரோனுங் கீழ்மேலுற நின்றான்றிருக் கேதாரமெனீரே.

    7th Thirumurai, Tamil Saiva Saint Suntharamoorthy Naayanaar's 'Thirukkethaara Pathikam', Paadal - .

    The time and the age of Death of Human Beings depends on the 'Nal Vinaikal' and 'Theeya Vinaikal' each Human Being have committed in their past Birth, and which are decided by God. The Death of a Human Being could occur either under Natural or in Accidential and Tragic Circumstances. However majority of the Human Deaths occur under Natural Circumstances with the sudden malfunction of the Body System or with the gradul decayence of Body in sickness.

    "Saint Thurunaavukkarasar one of the foremost of the 64 - Tamil Saiva Saints of the 6th century Tamil Nadu", stresses on "the importance of worshiping God (Shiva) and receiving his Salvation "long before" the Five Senses (of Humans) cease to function ('ஐ'யினால்), thereby the Throat gets choked and t'he Soul departs from the Body, with Death conquering the Life of every Human Being, and their Relatives get together garland and place the Dead Body at the Cremation grounds (or at Burial Grounds)". This he has highlighted in the Thiruvaanaikka Temple 'Pathikam' (a collection of 10 Verses)

    "ஐயினால் மிடறு அடைப்புண்டு ஆக்கை விட்டு ஆவியார் போவதுமே அகத்தார் கூடி மையினாற் கண்ணெழுதி மாலை சூட்டி மயானத்தில் இடுவதன் முன்" - "மதியஞ் சூடும் ஐயனார்க்கு" (God Shiva) ஆளாகி அன்பு மிக்கு அகம் குழைந்து மெய் அரும்பி அடிகள் பாதங் கையினாற் தொழும் அடியார் நெஞ்சினுள்ளே கன்றாப்பூர் நடுதறியைக் காணலாமே.

    6th Thirumurai, Tamil Saiva Saint Thurunaavukkarasar's 'Thiruvaanaikaa Pathikam', Paadal - 860.

    With the Death of Human Beings, the Soul leaves the present Body but carries all Memories of the Individual in whose Body the Soul lived and accumulated them from the time it first entered the present Body upto the time it leaves from same. When the Soul enters the New Body, the Memories of it’s previous Birth are all lost. The Memories which it possessed at the time this Soul left the present Body, are carried by the Soul with it "only upto the time" it re-enters a New Body according to it’s Karma.

    However in very rare cases when the Soul enters a New Body "some very small residues" of the Memories it possessed in the present Body comes highlighted in the Memory of the Soul in the New Body at a very early age, but doesnot surface over too longer period but forgotten.

    This Soul after leaving the Body circles close to the Kith & Kin it adored before it left the Body for some time. It could understand what they speak and see their activities and their responses after the Soul have left it's last Body in which it resided. It being desirous of being with the Kith & Kin seeks for a New Body of a Human Being to re-enter the World of Human Beings and knowing that their old body which has now perished naturally with this Soul having left that Body that has now been cremated or buried.

    Towards this time the God decides on the new Body and the new Place of Birth of this Soul in a according to it's past Vinaikal (Karmas) accumulated by the Soul in it's last Birth. It is during this period the Acute Worship and Good Deeds and Charities done by the 'Kith & Kin' of this Soul of it's last birth - "on behalf of this Soul to it’s merit", have the chance of the 'Theeya Vinaika'l (bad Karmas) accumulated by the Soul being diminished by God, and it's new Birth in a new Body being towards a better Life normally within a year.

    Hence the Soul of a Human Being which meets death in this Planet Earth, doesnot go to or find it’s new Birth as a Human Being in any other Planets or any other 'Space Stations', but rotates in this same Planet Earth and takes Birth in the new Human Form in families of Superior or Inferior - Living Status being two Levels of Life in commensurate with his 'Nal Vinaikal' & Theeya Vinaikal it has earned during his previous Birth in this same Planet Earth.

    Being born in a Family having educated, intelectual, cultured, disiplined and financially rich families with members having much Religious faith, very kind to all Human Beings and having high Virtues in Life who has earned good name and fame in this Planet Earth could be classified as a birth in "Melulakam" (Upper World = Heaven).

    Being born in a Family having ueducated, foolish, un-cultured, un-disiplined and financially unstable families with members having no Religious faith, very cruel to all Human Beings and who has earned bitter name and ill-fame and evil minded in this Planet Earth could be classified as a birth in "Keelulakam" (Lower World = Hell).

    The Lifetime of a Human Beings are pre-determined by God to be ended at some period depending on the 'Nalvinaikal' and 'Theeya Vinaikal' they have commited during their previous Birth.

    This is highlighted "Tamil Sage/Poetess Avvaiyaar of Tamil Nadu" as“Punniyam aam Paavam Poam” “Poana naat seitha avai” mannit pirantharkku vaiththa porul, ennungkaal theethu oliya verillai enaiyalum Easan seyal”.

    The Soul enters the "Theiveeka Ulkam" (the realm of "God Shiva [God as Shiva]") only from the level of Melulakam of this Planet Earth. After the Soul having performed much 'Nal Vinaikal' (good Karmas) to fellow Human beings and other Living Beings and having exhausted all its 'Theeya Vinaikal' (bad Karmas), it enters the "Theiveeka Ulakam" which is beyond the planet Earth and gets bonded with the "invisible God" in the Outer Space.

    Even from the "Keel Ulakam" of this Planet Earth Souls could enter the "Theiveeka Ulakam" directly without going to "Melulakam", by leading a highly Spiritual Life and by doing much Charity and Good Deeds to fellow Human beings and other Living beings.

    The close 'Kith and Kin' of the Soul in the last Birth in this Planet Earth, by doing Acute Worship of the God, Much Charity and Good Deeds in the name of the Dead, too has the power of diminishing the 'Theeya Vinaikal' performed by the Soul while living in this World (either in 'Mel Ulakam' or 'Keel Ulakam') in this Planet Earth, which too leads the Soul to enter the "Theiveeka Ulakam" (the Realm of God Shiva) in the Outer Space beyond the Plant Earth.

    (This Artcle will be 'corrected wherever necessary and developed", with my further "Research Study on this Subject")

    The following Video is the presentation of "Saint Maanikkavasagar's Sivapuranam from his Thiruvaasakam" sung by Bombay Sarada

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