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    Quote Originally Posted by Manisekaran View Post
    Dear Friends,

    The Hindi song influence matter seems to have stirred the hornet's nest. All seem to hold strong views.

    Taste is something personal. I listen to all songs from all MDs. I was not a serious listener of IR's songs untill I was called upon to produce a show on his songs. in a span of three months, i read widely and listed some 150 songs of IR in which I was able to fathom the depth of his intellegence in music. Then I discovered him to be the greatest genius in recent times. But studying all these MDs had shown that they are great in their own ways. When one is praised it may appear or perceived that another is being supressed. It is a relative situation.

    My worst nightmare has come true. In my own observation, the most sensitive threads had always been on Ilayaraja. I was reluctant until some IR fan asked me to contribute on him. When I started I did express that this should not turn out to be a clash between the factions. Now I am seeing the faction is already well placed in this thread. When I started on KVM, there was a well culculated move to distract me. Now I see this happening here. I express my views freely. Whats harm in that? Readers can agree or disagree with me. But to persecute and slaughter on my views over and over is very unfair.

    I dont want to be seen as the cause of split. I thought of giving most of the 150 songs with some message. I feel I am not allowed to do that.We all have some profession to concentrate on. I have mine. Posting here is just to share some knowledge I have. I had equally gained.

    This is a well thought of decision. Certainly not an emotional outburst.

    So, dear readers, thank you for being with me, and most importantly correcting me.

    Dear TFM Teaam, thank you for sparing some space for me.
    Let the winners be the winners. I admit I have lost, and lost miserably. Now that I have gone , you may all continue from where I have stopped. I am going to write the entire articel in my local papers.

    Sorry, it is a painful decision.

    I was going through this Manisekaran's writeups and find them interesting though they are Pro IR and in many instances absolutely biased in favour of IR as if other MDs did very little before IR ! Albeit all these short comings, I feel this guy should be asked to write again . He seems to be a knowledgeable guy having details of many of the old timers !

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