P. Susheela - Happy Birthday!

Thread: P. Susheela - Happy Birthday!

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  1. raagadevan said:

    P. Susheela - Happy Birthday!

    Happy 84th Birthday to Gaana Saraswathi, P. Susheela!

  2. NOV's Avatar

    NOV said:
    My tribute to her...

    I grew up listening to P. Susheela amma songs, so much so she became part of my life... just like for millions of people, all around the world.

    So, it was like a dream come true, when my dear friend Kamala Narayanan, who is the right hand for P. Susheela amma, called me several years ago, asking me to take care of P. Susheela amma when she was in KL.

    P. Susheela amma then came to do a show for Malaysian TMS, Sivaguru.

    P. Susheela amma loves shopping, but she feared going out because her fans would mob her. So, I took her to 1 Utama, but even there she was recognised, approached, and taken selfies with.

    Since then, I've been to Chennai a few times and have visited her at her house. My children too have been fortunate to have met her and receive gifts from her.

    She is a living legend and I am blessed to wish her on her birthday today. May Lord Perumal she worships, give her a long and happy life!
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