good songs you would recommend others to listen to

Thread: good songs you would recommend others to listen to

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  1. j.chenkalvarayan said:

    good songs you would recommend others to listen to

    please specify the genre if possible.

    cat stevens(country):

    1. sad lisa (i'll rate this as his best)
    2.father and son
    3. lady darbanville
    4. mathew and son
    5. i love my dog.
    6.where do childrens play
    7.tuesday's dead
    8.ruby love
    9. wild world
    10.moon shadow
    11. hard headed woman
    12.can't keep it in
  2. j.chenkalvarayan said:

    1.all you get from love
    2.close to you
    3.for all we know
    4.goodbye to love
    5.hurting each other(my favourite)
    7.only yesterday
    8.please mr postman
    9.rainy days and mondays
    11.super star
    12.those good old dreams
    13.ticket to ride of the world
    15.touch when we are dancing
    16.yesterday once more
  3. RR's Avatar

    RR said:
    Just a suggestion: Most of these are popular hits.. It will be good if 'Thiru's criterion' (in the other thread) is adopted: "There are certain movies/songs which are not blockbusters or not even hits, but still the movie/song is a good one.. "
    I'm sure each of us can come up many such recommendations.
  4. j.chenkalvarayan said:
    in the first place, i didn't know these were popular hits at all. next time i'll try to come up with hitherto unknown yet nice ones.
  5. j.chenkalvarayan said:
    hope atleast not many have heard these before:

    1.sick cycle carousel
    3.a night out-jim carrey
    4.crazy town-butterfly easy way out(rocky 4)
    6.eye of tiger(rocky 4)
    7.hearts on fire(rocky 4)
    8.vitamin c-friends forever
    9.carlos santana-maria maria
  6. RR's Avatar

    RR said:

    Maria - Santana? ok, one man's find could be another's hit. No probs, have fun with your lists. Try to add some comments if possible. I'll post my recos later.

    BTW, pls don't call me 'Sir'..!
  7. Thiru's Avatar

    Thiru said:

    Eye of the tiger was one of the most famous songs in the 80s...
  8. j.chenkalvarayan said:
    this band by name goo goo dolls produces some great music.
    some of their songs i liked listening to:

    4.dizzy up the girl ballon
    7.acoustic 3

    and pardon me if this is a well known band. my source for western music is my computer and my friends'. so there is no way i can find out whether a band is popular or not.
  9. j.chenkalvarayan said:
    some nice dance numbers:

    1.gonna get you-gloria estefan(this music was later copied in hindi film tridev. classic example of suruttal)


    3,la nina-los del rio

    4.catch the fox-den harrow(same music was used in tamil film red- another case of suruttal)

    5.atlantis is calling-modern talking away-real mccoy

    7.salt water-chicane feat

    8.sun is shining-bob marley

    9.scatman's world-scat man john
  10. Sinthiya's Avatar

    Sinthiya said:
    I've been listening to Coldplay's new album X&Y and it's great (especially Twisted Logic; X&Y and Speed of Sound).