What is your latest read?

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  1. a.ratchasi said:

    What is your latest read?

    I have just finished reading The Queen & I by Sue Townsend.

    It is supposed to be a 'laugh-out-loud-funny' kinda book, though it was least funny to me. Instead, I felt sorry for the queen at first and admiration later for her ability to be part of the lower strata folks without compromise.

    Anyone has read it yet?
  2. Shoba said:
    This book lies in the pile of unread books. Will read and post whether it's a ha-ha book. Sue Townsend (Adrian Mole fame) is known for her typical Bristish wry humour, instead slapstick though...

    I've just finished The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh (after finishing JKR'S Half Blood Prince of course :P )..and have now picked up "Remember When" by Nora Roberts. My first NR.

    The Hungry Tide is about the "tide country" which is the collective area of Kolkata and the present Bangladesh region. About dolphins and cyclones narrated thro quite a number of interesting characters.

    Not the usual fare dished out by the recent crop of Indian writers writing in English, where usually the emphasis is to pander to the Western world, romanticising poverty and such! I was interested in the way Ghosh brought out the essence of the tide country and her people and their ways, which made me speak to people from this area and find out more.

    It's not a fast paced book, but instead something which you pick up to read coz you want to soak yourself with its contents!

  3. lordstanher's Avatar

    lordstanher said:
    Ok.....my latest read: HARRY POTTER & THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE by J K Rowling.

    How I feel abt it: Well, overall quite good except for th ending.......said abt it in more detail in the other thread abt JKR/HP fans......
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  4. Kollywoodfan's Avatar

    Kollywoodfan said:
    Has anyone read "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson? It was a best-seller. It's so random and hilarious. :lol: :lol:
  5. a.ratchasi said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Shoba
    This book lies in the pile of unread books. Will read and post whether it's a ha-ha book. Sue Townsend (Adrian Mole fame) is known for her typical Bristish wry humour, instead slapstick though...
    Hi Shoba. Looking for forward to see your review of The Queen and I. I will be starting on Adrian Mole- The Wilderness Years; hopefully tonight. Will review it once I'm done.

    Hi Kollywoodfan.
    Hope to hear more on A Walk in the Woods.

    Lord, glad you have enjoyed the latest HP offering.
  6. sabari's Avatar

    sabari said:
    im reading "triumph of the sun" by wilbur smith...am i alone thinking smith's books are ultra cool or someone out there who thinks the same?...im fascinated by the 19th century africa he has described in all his books
  7. coucou's Avatar

    coucou said:
    i read 1984 by george orwell
    can anyone read this book?
    he is my favorite writer, can anyone read his books?
  8. a.ratchasi said:
    I read Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years right after The Queen and I. The fella is simply hilarious. True enough, there are stranger beings than oneself!! So, don't be too harsh on yourself.
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  9. Querida's Avatar

    Querida said:
    I read "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4" again not so laugh out loud as wry smile inducing...

    I too have read the "Hungry Tide"...I was hooked to Amitav Ghosh after reading "The Glass Palace" and "Calcutta Chromosome" never would have I thought the Sunderbans and Dolphins could be so intertwined...and the characters are faulted with a grace, Ghosh seems to handle chronicles well..though I do agree with Shoba about the pace of the novel...i will admit that I was enthralled with the cover it was so eye-catching and beautiful:


    I have not read "1984" as yet but praise for it is unbounded...though i am quite fond of his "animal farm"...short and bittersweet

    the last novel I finished was "Tess of the D'Urbervilles"..Hardy's prose is so beautifully written that you can not help feel your heart wrench for the wronged heroine...
  10. Surya's Avatar

    Surya said:
    I'm reading 2 books right now.

    Shivaji: The Great Guerilla. (2nd time)

    Stalking the Angel by Robert Crais. Mainly for inspiration for the Clock.
    Back after a while...