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Thread: concert reviews of TNSeshagopalan

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    concert reviews of TNSeshagopalan

    4-3-2006 - concert at Hamsadhwani
    The concert started with varnam in Begada which was followed by the Thyagaraja kritis 'Girirajasutha' and 'sobillusaptasvara.' Next came Saaranga which was 'sa ranga,' colourful. The kriti in Saranga was 'neevaada' of Thyagaraja, with his usual extraordinary kalpanasvaras. The Sarmati kriti 'Mokshamu galadhaa,' that followed proved that the music of TNS is the passport to Moksha as specified by Thyagaraja, rich in bhakthi and sangitajnana. The kudos was reached in Bhairavi which was really BHA RAVI, the splendour of the Sun. The rasikas were treated to his bhairavi three times so far within the short duration of three months, on 25th Dec. at Tarangini, on 30thDec. at Valayappatti naadhaalaya and today at Hamsadhwani. The exotic Bairavi and the kriti 'Thanayuni brova' was splashed with a cascade of svaras endin in a whirlpool centered round 'Pa Da Pa' resembling the chanting of Samaveda and the sound of Padukasahasra in which a whole stanza consists of the same syllables. TNS then took up the Uththukkaadu composition ' sonnaal oziya manam in Kannada and after 'bhaagaaya, ' a padham in Saveri the concert ended with the Periyaazvaar pasuram 'siruviralgal thadavi, which describes Krishna, the flute player, which was as usual an audio visual presented by the expressive music which ended with Thillana in Sindhubairavi. An unparalleled exposition indeed!
    24-2-2006 Veenaconcert at Hamsadhwani
    When TNS plays on the veena or keyboard his fingers seem to vie with his voice. His veena speaks and one can hear the words. The resonance is somthing fantastic as he produces infinite gamakas with just one stroke of his finger. The concert on 24th was no exception. Starting from the Mohanavarnam the kriti 'Devadeva in Mayamalavgoula , the Nattai panchrathna and the Anandabhairavi kriti 'Marivere ' were all of the usual standard of excellence The Bindumalini of Thyagaraja was full of melody but the highlight of the day was the Subapanthuvarali 'Ennaallurage' in which the raga and the svara were fabulous keeping the audience enthralled. The main piece was the Sankarabharana kriti 'Svararagasudha' of Thyagaraja for which TNS played Thanam in Ragamalika. At the end TNS surprised the audience by playing ' kaatrinile varum geetham' and 'Hariharathmajam.'


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    The very first thread in this section is on 'concert reviews'. Why don't you post it there? Please post concert reviews in that thread from now on. Thanks.
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