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    ICM Forum: Guidelines/FAQ

    Hi all,

    Pls do not create one thread for every query. This is 1) making the forum look displeasing 2) creating technical problems for us. So, please don't create too many threads! Often you won't have to because we may already have a relevant topic created for you. First have a look around and browse the older topics to see if there's another topic similar to the one you have in mind. For example, if you want to post a query on 'Annamacharya Keertana', don't just go ahead and create a new topic! If you browse thru the older topics, you'll find that we already have a topic on 'Annamacharya Keerthanas' containing many useful information. See if contains answers to your query, if not.. go ahead and post a response in THAT thread. Following this practise helps in several ways:

    * keeping all requests/queries organized means that our inhouse experts like Lakshman,meera,etc. have only a few places to look and answer your queries. You may get responses faster!

    * having few threads will extend the time it takes for your queries to get pushed into archives. (Yes, new threads go into archives after they age.)

    * More importantly, too many threads is just fattening our database and slowing down access speed for everyone.

    We look forward to your cooperation. Thanks!

    Here are links to some threads for your common queries:

    "Lyrics/Meaning Wanted" threads

    Kannada Lyrics
    Malayalam Lyrics
    Sanskrit lyrics
    Tamil Lyrics
    Telugu Lyrics
    Hindi,Bengali,Marathi,etc lyrics

    * Generic "Lyrics Requests" thread
    * Generic "Songs and meanings" thread


    Annamacharya Kirtans
    Meera bhajans
    Muthuswamy dikshitar
    Purandara dasa kritis
    Surdas bhajans
    Swati thirunal kritis
    Tyagaraja keerthanas
    Wodeyar kritis

    Other categories

    Aarti songs
    Dance compositions
    Goddess Lakshmi songs
    Sai bhajans
    Tamil Wedding songs - kalyaana paadalgal


    Chembai Vaidyanatha Bagavathar
    Maharajapuram santhanam

    Assorted Useful Threads

    * "Carnatic Song Stats" thread - For general queries of the type "who is composer of this song", "what is the raga of this song", etc:

    If your query is on specific composer/singer or specific song category, you should first look for a related thread, and post in that thread. We already have threads for many such Annamacharya, Tyagaraja, Dikshitar, Purandara dasa, Meera Bhajans, Marriage songs, Thillanas, etc.

    *"Carnatic/Hindustani Notations Wanted" thread. - If you want indian notations for a song/krithi.

    If you want western notations, Post in "western notations wanted" thread.

    * 'Audios/MP3's wanted' thread. - If you are looking for audios/mp3's of a song.
    * Concert Reviews
    * Carnatic Album reviews
    * Musicians, Articles, Tidbits
    * Classical Music related websites/links
    * Mridangam aspects & repair
    * Eymology of raga names
    * Raga/Tala Technical queries
    * Carnatic music fundamentals - fundamental questions on carnatic music
    Looking for Carnatic music classes/teachers
    Interesting articles

    Again, please.. please DO NOT CREATE one thread for each query. Thanks!

    When in doubt, send a pm to one of the moderators. They will point you to the right thread.

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    Opening Thread

    Thank you Moderator.

    In fact I was unaware of this.

    I shall follow strictly your advice.


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    RR - SOS SOS...!!

    What happened to ROS? I am not able to get on to


    Na Bhootho...Na Bhavishyathi !!

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