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  1. Oldposts said:

    Raga of Hindi songs

    Topic started by Vidhya (@ on Wed Nov 8 14:48:31 .

    This thread is similar to the famous ROS Thread in tfmpage. <a href="http://tfmpage.com/forum/ros.html
    " target="new">http://tfmpage.com/forum/ros.html </a>
    This thread is to discuss the base-Raagam (carnatic/hindhustani) behind hindhi songs.

    Based on the discussions we can build a raagam database for Hindhi songs.


    Lists on the web:
    List 1, List 2

  2. Oldposts said:

    Vidhya (@ 206.*) on: Wed Nov 8 15:22:55 EST 2000

  3. Oldposts said:

    rajaG (@ 208.*) on: Wed Nov 8 15:49:06 EST 2000

    Other Abheri songs (BTW, could it be bHimpalasi too?) in Hindi - nainOn mE badhraa cHaayE (by Latha), Mehdi Hassan's ghazal - Zindagi mE thO sabHi pyaar kiyaa karthE hain.

  4. Oldposts said:

    Vidhya (@ 206.*) on: Thu Nov 9 15:17:50 EST 2000

    RaajaG: rt ! Bhimplas and Abheri are the same.
    The link lists equivalent ragas in the
    Carnatic and Hindusthani traditions.

  5. Oldposts said:

    Vidhya (@ 206.*) on: Thu Nov 9 15:22:52 EST 2000

    one Abheri - "kahthaa hai meraa yeh dil piyaa" Jeans
    ("kaNNodu kaaNbadheelam")

  6. Oldposts said:

    Vidhya (@ 206.*) on: Thu Nov 9 15:51:53 EST 2000

    Tu milae dhil khilae aur jeenE ko kya chAhiyE- from movie: Criminal.
    Sounds AbhEri..

  7. Oldposts said:

    nalini (@ 169.*) on: Fri Nov 10 10:41:08 EST 2000

    I believe the old classic "prabhu tErO naam" from Hum Dono and
    the recent "kismat se tum humko milE hO" from Pukar are also in Bhim Palasi.

  8. Oldposts said:

    SL (@ a030*) on: Tue Nov 14 20:28:45 EST 2000

    Nalini,'Allah tero naam' starts in 'Gaud Sarang' and moves to Hari Kambhoji (kamaj thaat) in the charanam (reminding me of 'DheerE DheerE machal Aye dil-e-bequaraar' here ) ,ends with traversing the Karaharapriya notes and hence the resemblance to Abheri here. 'yeh zindagi usi ki hai' is predominantly in Bhimplasi with d1 also in the pallavi.
    'nainOn mE badhraa chhaayE ' is a blatant lift by Madan Mohan from a Telugu Rajeswara Rao composition sung by S.Janaki. I will get back with the pallavi of the song. The telugu song sounds carnatic-ish and the Hindi version has been cleverly 'Hindi-ised'.

    'Thoo mEra chaand main thEri chaandni' from Dillagi and 'Aaj puraani raahOn sE kOyee mujhE aawaaz na dE' (aadmi), both by Naushad have more than a generous sprinkling of Abheri.

  9. Oldposts said:

    nalini (@ pa-b*) on: Wed Nov 15 12:17:59 EST 2000

    I was referring to the song "prabhu tErO naam, jo dhyaye phal paaye sukh laaye tErO naam". Come to think of it, even this one doesn't sound like Bhimpalasi to me now. I hastily thought it was so, based on a couple of lines in the anthara. It sounds more like dhani to me. What do you think? Enjoyed your informative post. Didn't realise
    "allah tErO naam" has sprinkles of so many ragas.

  10. Oldposts said:

    SL (@ 207.*) on: Wed Nov 15 14:46:21 EST 2000

    Nalini, nice to exchange ideas with you again. It is a long time since anybody contributed to the 'Old Hindi songs' thread.

    'Prabhu terO naam'!!! I had almost forgotten the song. Raag Dhani ....first time I have heard the name )) Do you have a link to the song ?

    About 'Allah...', Jaidev was impressive till he got stuck in the Ghazal mould.