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Thread: Album of the week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguine Sridhar
    Is that Veyyil MD was the kid voice in that song!? its a news for me


    aadi paaru mangatha & paalakattu machanukku are good songs but got faded before the above said excellent songs!


    madras-a suthi kaata poren was one of my fav song when the album got released because i was at Trichy at that time and Madras was like a dream place to me .. it will be exciting when manorama,vineeth sings about the places and nature of Madras but ingga vandhu kuppa kottuna peragu thaan theriudhu
    actually all these 3 songs had singers who were famous in other ways.....

    GVP - all we know is a MD now.....he also sang in "Chikku bukku rayile, kaathu kaathu dhinam kaathu(Uzhavan), Kuchi kuchi raakkamma" and many other songs of ARR...

    Adi paaru mangaatha had pop star Sunitha rao sing for her first cinema song.......she later released her chartuster "paree" album......ARR proves he is too good in identifying talents.....look at KK.....HJ totally depends on him.... ....he was introduced by ARR only

    Madrasa - song had the grand lady of tamil films- Manorama singing in seems that Manorama's son and ARR were childhood frnds....they still call him Dileep it seems.....
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    madrasa suthi paarka poren is by Sahul hameed, swarnalatha and manorama

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    I still remember this is the first Rahman album that I loved so much, it became a theme for me I think Palakadhu Machanaku is ahead of its time ahead of its time, I like the part where heavy bass guitar is played in between Chittukuruvi, Chittukuruvi. This is a fun filled song with tappa tappa tapping

    As for Marghazhi Poove, it was a phenomenon back then. Everybody was attached to that songs. this song really proves ARR magical blending of classical & western instruments

    Adi paaru mangatha was good (minus the lyrics)
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    i LUV "madrasa suthie paaka porean" it's such a cool song .....thou i've never been able to do it it gives me josh and energy and makes me HYPER

    oder songs i like "palakaatu machanuku"

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    in one word.....a "classic"
    it will be special for those who grew up with his songs like myself and the special thing was this movie was shown on jan 6th(rahman's birthday) on astro vanavil here in malaysia in the morning....i took it as a treat for myself on rahman birthday.....

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    May maadham is an excellent album with four outstanding numbers.

    1. paalakkaattu machchaanukku -- You can never predict the tempo of the song and the guitar usage will be too good.

    2. maargazhi poovE -- This was the most famous song when the movie came out. They often used to play this in TV/Radio

    3. minnalE -- Amazing lyrics and superb rendition by SPB and the orchestration gelled very well with that.

    4. en mEl vizhuntha -- My most favourite song in this album. Outstanding lyrics again. Close your eyes and listen to the song. Pure magic

    P.S. This album was written off by vikatan in their review (of the movie). I am pretty sure they had to eat a little humble pie

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    talking about the
    'en mel vizhundha'
    .. lyrics are awesome...

    maNNai thiRandhaal neer irukkum
    en manadhai thiRandhaal nee iruppaay
    oliyai thiRandhaal isai irukkum
    en uyirai thiRandhaal nee iruppaay
    vaanam thiRandhaal mazhai irukkum
    en vayadhai thiRandhaal nee iruppaay
    iravai thiRandhaal pagal irukkum
    en imaiyai thiRandhaal nee iruppaay

    and i love the flute piece in between the song...

    ilaiyum malarum urasugayil
    enna baashai paesidumoa
    alaiyum karaiyum urasugayil
    paesum baashai paesidumoa

    maNNum viNNum urasugayil
    enna baashai paesidumoa
    paarvai reNdum paesikoNdaal
    baashai oomai aayvidumoa

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    En excellent album of ARR. Minnalae and Margazhi poovae r my favourites...The Title Song, "May..May..May madham" was an off beat number..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd
    2. maargazhi poovE -- This was the most famous song when the movie came out. They often used to play this in TV/Radio
    how many of you know that this song is inspired from Venketesa Suprapaadham?
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    almost everyone :P

    only the humming portion rite?
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