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Thread: Album of the week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bala (Karthik) View Post
    Peak ARR fandothula irundhappo vandha album idhu. Modho naale casette vaangi friend veetula kettom (appo Philips Powerhouse-na periya settu, mouse adhigam).
    Engalukku appo full satisfaction. Don't remember "Naalai ulagam". And No Problem was a huge hit. Ummachi Indian oru round vandhuttrundhaaru. Appo "Kaman Kaman"-um romba pidikkum. The other songs have aged well
    prasanna in that interview spoke about 'samba samba' guitar interludes...
    now if i listen to that piece its fantastic to know that so much innovative thoughts hav gone into it 17yr back.
    Sach is Life..

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    No problem was the collaboration of that decade

    A.R. Rahman, Prabhu Deva and Steven Kapur alias Apache India

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    1)My favorite from that album was Malargale Malargale..
    I would like to share my thoughts that i had written on my blog long time back.

    2)Then "No Problem" was a great commercial hit. The collaboration with Apache Indian made headlines and it was a good number
    and the lines ARR sung had that extra punch in it.

    3) Come On Come On is a heavily experimental number. It also doesn't sound Rahmanish but its a good number.

    4) Naalai Ulagam is a great number. I don't know why it is under rated. I love this number. The problem is that the prelude brass
    section and timpani is too loud that people jump to the next song. But what we hear after the prelude is pure melody. I always felt
    that Unni Krishnan was very subdued to start with. But as the song progresses, both the singers elevate the song to greater heights.
    The song has a neat bass arpeggio section with drum hits. It also has a great Chinese sounding ambient interlude filled with
    chimes,saw,flute and bass section.

    5) I never liked the Samba Samba number. But after seeing the Guitar Prasanna's interview and hearing the implementation of raga
    in this song, I want to hear that number again..

    Overall it was a pretty good album with 2 great numbers, but the failure of the movie in B.O (in my area Love Birds and Mr.Romeo

    ran for 10 days only) spelt doom on the songs as well...

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    Kangalal Kaithu Sei

    Aaha Thamizhamma
    - AR. Rehana, Blaaze, Madhangi

    This song contains the best blend of melody and emotion displayed over fast paced electronic rhythms. Second charanam is an absolute delight. This song is right up my street, great production.

    Anarkali - Chithra Sivaraman, Kathir, Karthik, Murdaza

    Goosebumps, through and through! This song belongs to Karthik, his sublime voice definitely has me melted whenever I hear this number. However, I'm missing Rahman Ji higher vocal magic here

    Azhagiya Cinderella – Hariharan

    A slow number, laid back kick and snare, warm pads, soft piano etc. and then to top it all we have Hariharan. What more could one ask for? Rahman Ji must have composed this on Cloud 9 because as a listener that’s exactly where I was transported.

    En Uyir Thozhiyea - Chinmayee, Unni Menon

    Orchestral fest Out of the album, I vote this the best amongst the best. Enough said!

    Thee Kuriviyai - Harini, Johnson, Mukesh

    If the album was getting to mellow, then here comes the predecessor to Amma Thale. I randomly heard this song before I knew about the album. Therefore, there will always be a soft spot for this song in the corner of my heart.
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    Kangalal Kaidhu Sei- My thoughts

    1) Azhagiya Cindrella- This song would have been incomplete withouth Hariharan. Cannot see another singer who could have sung the lyrics more melliflously than him IMHO. The exquisite use of the brass in the 2nd BGM takes the song to another level. A part of me sees an connection between this song and Tu Bole from JTYJN.

    2) Aha Tamizhamma- A very enjoyable song. A part of the credit should go to the way how the singers have used parts in ' buyaku buyaku sha' and the opening lines. You will find a very thin similarity between ' Vaanamena uyarum kaatu ' from Manmadahn and this song if you listen carefully.

    3) Anarkili - The opening GRRS,SSS NSS NSS in parts just makes me hear this song again and again and ARR gives an encore of that peice with an even more soothing tabla in the 2nd BGM. Karthik and Chitra Sivaraman do the rest. The way Chitra complements Karthik in Siripumm Azhugayumm is another thing to note. And you get a bewitching flute piece following this.

    4) En Uyir Thozhiye - As Sunil put it- Orchestral feat.From a singers pov Unni Menon is in top form- You get this from his " Iniyavele amaidhi puratchi ingu nadanthathe'. Then you have Chinmayee following this up with a sweet alaap and then into the charanam.

    5) Thee Kuruvill - Johnson, Mukesh all are very good.But it is Harini, who completely enchants us in the end. Again the effective use of parts in the charanams for Harini does the trick. ARR spells magic with this number....
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    With the recent discussions on Raavan, Blue and JHS at ARRYG, it’s only fair that I express my feelings about JHS.

    2010 was a big year for Rahman Ji as he had a whopping number of 11 releases. (VTV, YMC, Raavan (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu), Puli, Endhiran (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu), JHS and 127 Hours) It was a treat for all fans, ask me personally and I would say Puli was my favourite album of that year and don’t think my views will ever change. But we’ll save that discussion for another day. Oh and BTW my fav song of the year was, Puthiya Manidha.

    I’ll summarise my fav songs from each respective album before discussing JHS.

    1. Puthiya Manidha
    2. Namakame
    3. Anbil Avan
    4. Cry Cry
    5. Thok De Killi
    6. Touch Of The Sun

    Imagine the above as an OST, WOW!

    As an album VTV comes second and then JHS third.

    Cry Cry

    At that time, I was still trying to come out of Puthiya Manidha and before I knew it, the promos of Cry Cry were on air. I was immediately hooked on to Cry Cry, it’s melody *apologies in advance* had a subtle Harris Jayaraj hangover but the instrumentation particularly the drums (reminiscent of Gopala Gopala) was a complete vintage Rahman Ji fest. The beat definitely transported me to the glorious days of Om Kari, Kathazhankattu, Kulichaa Kuthaalam, Nee kattum, Vaanil, Senthamizh Naattu, etc. However, the interludes displayed a pleasant contrast with an urban Western sound weaving in and out smoothly. The first interlude can be summed up as the best interlude of the year. I extracted the interlude so that I could hear it repeat on end. (My alarm until Tango for Taj) The way Rahman Ji merges hardcore nostalgia with WCM has never been to this extent depicted so beautifully. The lyrics, displaying a similar message to Tyrewala’s own Kabhi Kabhi Aditi have the occasional Gujarati twang. Rashid is in towering form, while Shreya mam does her bit adequately.

    Pam Pa Ra

    When I heard this in promo, to say I was bowled over would be an understatement. I didn’t even finish the promo. The Celtic vibe in this carnival number made forget everything I was doing at that moment and I decided to make Celtic Violin beat. Prior to this I had never been as inspired after listening to a few notes of any song. Need I say more? Of course, I do. How can I leave talking about this number without mentioning Sivamani Ji.

    Maiya Yashoda

    When I saw this title in the song list, I seriously was expecting a bhajan or lullaby but coming back to the notion “Always expect the unexpected” this song completely took me by surprise. It bears no resemblance to any of the previous stuff by Rahman Ji. It’s one of the family orientated songs that is tailor made for a YRF film. It might sound easy on the ears but by no means is it easy to sing along to. On the surface, it is one of the simplest songs to be released out of Rahman Ji’s repertoire but once you start digging, the complexities are unlimited. The Thames mix goes one step further, when you listen nearing the end, you’ll understand what I’m trying to get at. It’s a Javed Ali and Chinmayi show all the way and as usual Asad Khan shines.

    Do Nishaaniyan

    If you thought the above song had a YRF stamp, think again. Rahman Ji evolves his Do Kadam composition from Meenaxi. At that time there were reports circulating the media that Sonu Nigam wasn’t on terms with Rahman Ji, I’d like to think all that was rubbish as this song defies that rumour vehemently. Until this song I was nodding my head freely to the happy go lucky nature of the above songs. The heartbreak reprise version made me jerk a tear but simultaneously pull a joyous smile. A song that can’t be explained in mere words. Oh yeah, it has Fiqrana guitar effects thrown in.

    Hello Hello

    “Mujhe chod do, Mujhe tham lo, Kho jaane do, Mera naam lo, Sab theek hai, Ho jayaga, Iss jhoot se ab kam lo” What follows is an interlude of random phone rings/effects. A complete revelation by Rahman Ji. “Mujh se zara baatein karo, Halke zara raatein karo, Suraj ki pehli kiranon se, Meri zindagi ko bharon” What follows is one of Rahman Ji’s all time orchestral highs. If you listen carefully, Hentry Kuruvilla (sounds ditto to Naresh Iyer) aptly supports Karthik in the former verse above . I have to confess, Karthik leaves a bigger impact than Rahman Ji in this song.

    Why I’ve summed up this song by two verses is because I always skip a heartbeat, get shivers/goosebumps when I hear these portions.

    I’ve Been Waiting

    When I first heard this album, it was difficult for me decide my favourite song. If I remember correctly, everybody at TFM were favouring Do NIshaaniyan. After a few repeated hearings of the album, the first song to penetrate me was this one. Props to Tyrewala, Vijay Yesudas for keeping this Jazz number Indian to the core. If I was Rahman Ji, this song would be one of the proudest moments of my career. I know I’ve written Cry Cry is my pick of the album above, but this song comes very close and it’s almost on par. I just want to close my eyes, hear this song and forget about the world!

    Call Me Dill

    Keeping to the theme of phones, the last call is for dil. It certainly reached my dil. This acoustic number is again different to Rahman Ji’s usual songs and it doesn’t disappoint one bit. I heard this for the first time when Rahman Ji was a judge at Saregamapa. Like everybody else, I too want a Rahman Ji version of this. I don’t usually listen to these kinda songs but Rahman Ji is always pushing me forward as a listener. Tyrewala has been a bit cheeky and has stolen a line from DDLJ lol.

    I will not rate this album out of 10, furthermore I don’t think I’ve ever written 1000 words for a Rahman Ji album. JHS is just a trailer for his collaboration with Yash Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan.

    Happy listening

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    #Nowplaying Nenjam Ellam

    What's your thoughts on Aayutha Ezhuthu and what's your favourite track?

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    Nenjam Elllam .
    Dol Dol Dolare wont be left behind

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    Have there ever been more powerful words uttered? I'm so jealous of you Indians!

    Thaaye Un Peyar Sollum Pothe Ithayathil Min Alai Paayume..
    Inivarum Kaalam Ilainanin Kaalam Un Kadal Mellisai Paadume..
    Thaai Aval Pol Oru Jeevanillai, Aval Kaaladi Pol Sorgam Veru Illai..
    Thaai Mannai Pol Oru Bhoomi Illai, Bhaaratham Engalin Swaasame..
    Sadhakallahu Nabiyul Kareem - A R Rahman

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