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Thread: rAgA analysis of IR songs

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    Please go thorugh the below link. you will find a
    interesting things on raaja works.

    Read and enjoy.

    "Subhapanthuvarali is a 'bayangara soga' raagam. If you hear it you will cry; I will cry; 'saraa log' will cry. Given the conditional event of Rajiv Gandhi or Indira Gandhi's death occuring, Subhapanthuvarali played on the radio or TV by some 'thenga moodi' bhagavathar during the days of mourning will make even those music insensitive Indira Congress leaders shed at least 'crocodile tears'! Can you imagine this raagam being used in the cinema for a sexy scene like that in 'Hot Shots' in which the hero Charlie Sheen fries eggs on the heroine's umbilicus as though it was a bunzen burner?! Yes, there is a song in Subhapanthuvarali for a situation like the above said, in the movie Getti Melam. That was the first movie in which director Visu joined Ilayaraja, starring Karthik and Sasikala. Visu had tried some sexploitation in that song sequence by bringing Sasikala in swimsuit for few minutes, Karthik grazing over her all the time! The song is dhagamae undanathe, thindaaduthe manamae. That was pure Subhapanthuvarali. Maybe it evoked sexy mood. Maybe not! Neither the movie nor the song was a big hit. Perhaps the failure was only due to the ineptitude of the raaga selection. Visu never joined with Ilayaraja after that!"

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