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    Indian Film Related Links

    Post link announcements here. Pls do NOT create new topics for each link. Such topics will be deleted.
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    Indian short film in Oscar race

    Ashvin Kumar's "Little Terrorist" has made it, where "Shwaas" failed, to the Oscars' nominations list, but in the Short Film category. Shot on a shoe-string budget and in five days, it has won prizes at several international festivals.

    A film from the heart
    In his own words, Sanjay Leela Bhansali `committed hara-kiri' with his debut "Khamoshi." But "Devdas" made up for it. With "Black," he enters a road not taken. He tells GOWRI RAMNARAYAN that aesthetically, it is his best film.
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    Cool bollywood dvds website

    A very cool Bollywood Dvds website. check them out
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    Tamil Songs


    Its that any body know abt Tamil songs website that can be download to CD (burn to CD)

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    Download latest of Tamil and Bollywood movie trailors for FREE!
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    Given below are a few sites where you can find Indian movies,
    all languages, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc and songs,
    ring tones, documentaries etc etc. These sites upload the files
    in torrent format. But remember, it is a must to upload as much
    as you download to keep the sites alive. You can download
    everything for free but if you dont upload and maintian a
    1:1 ratio of download/upload, you will be banned. Some sites
    have the membership closed, some, you will need invitation
    from existing members to join. Enjoy.
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    Bollywood Movies and M3p Songs.

    Hi Every One

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    telugu and hindi movies


    do any of u no a website for kannada movies???