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Thread: FAQ on Polling Exercise

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    FAQ on Polling Exercise

    FAQ on Polling Exercise

    How do I vote?
    Voting is very easy. Just click on any one of the selections and click on Submit Vote.
    The page will reload to show current standing.

    How do I view the current standing?
    If you have already voted, you can automatically view the current standings.
    However, if you wish to see the current standings before voting, click on View Results.

    Can I change my vote after I have polled?
    No you can't. So, do think carefully before you click on the Vote button.

    When does the polling close?
    Polling will go on up to January 11th 2010. We will close the poll, at the end of the Indian day (IST).

    Should I wait till later, nearer the closing date to poll?
    We advise you to vote as soon as possible. As in Murphy's law, anything may happen and you may not be able to log in, until the Poll is over. So why take chances? Vote now!

    How many times can I vote?
    You can only vote once for each award. The system will not accept any further votes.
    Illegal duplicate votes will be deleted and the hubber may be banned from the Forum.

    Can I create another account and vote another time?
    Please don't. This is what we mean by Illegal duplicate votes. Such voting will defeat the very purpose of this polling exercise. We have the ways to trace such despicable acts.

    Can I ask my friend/s to vote?
    Please do. Spread the word around, so that the polling exercise covers as many people as possible.

    Do I have to register to vote?
    Most definitely. But registering is both easy and completely free of charge. And if you click on "remember me" when logging in, you will never have to log in again.

    How does this poll work?
    Please see here:

    Who are the people behind this poll?
    The Hub Admin with the help of the Moderators are conducting this poll.
    This is just the beginning in taking The Hub to a higher platform. We will make announcements from time to time on new developments.

    Who decides the winners?
    The winners of all awards in all categories will be decided by you - the Hubbers.
    Both the Nomination process and Voting process is conducted transparently and are entirely dependant on registered Hubbers choice.

    When will the results be announced?
    Results will be announced three days after the closing of the poll to give us enough time to audit and analyse the votes.

    What happens after the results are announced?
    During the previous years we made arrangements to present Certificates and Trophies to each Award winner. We have plans to make similar arrangements this year too. This will be collectively done on behalf of all Hubbers.

    What do I gain by voting?
    Well, you become part of Hub history. Also if you had made nominations and your nominations match the final results, there is a surprise waiting for you!

    Where do I go for further questions or clear certain doubts?
    Please use this thread and raise your queries.

    I am ready to vote. What now?
    Please go here:

    Tamil Films:
    Tamil Film Music:
    Hindi Films :
    Tamil TV Serials:

    Don't forget to check every category and vote for all awards.

    You can also vote in all categories, from one page, by going here:

    Happy voting!
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