Mrs. Mano's Tamilnadu Delicacies - Part 3

Thread: Mrs. Mano's Tamilnadu Delicacies - Part 3

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  1. Mrs.Mano said:

    Mrs. Mano's Tamilnadu Delicacies - Part 3

    I am commencing my third thread with a delicious sweet here. I must thank all of my friends here who are supporting me tremendously since 2003, especially Mr.Nov and Mr. RR who always welcome with their support and hearty wishes.

    I must confess here that I could not move fast in my second thread due to heavy workloads and continuous travels. I hope that I would be active as I was in my first thread hereafter.

    This aval puttu is an old and traditional sweet. Also this is a a very nutritious one. There are so many versions on this puttu. I prefer this always as this recipe has fantastic taste. The jaggery we use here must be dark and flexible.





    Rice flakes-1 cup
    Turmeric powder- half sp
    Tuar dal- half cup
    A pinch of salt
    Shredded coconut- half cup
    Jaggery-1 cup
    Ghee- 3 tbsp
    Cashew nuts- 2 tbsp


    Dry roast the rice flakes on medium heat.
    When they start to splutter put off the fire.
    When cooled, grind them to a slightly coarse powder.
    Pressure cook the dal with the turmeric powder to 3 whistles.
    Add the salt to the powder and with the help of the water in the dal, mix well the aval mixture with the fingers to a slightly crumbled texture.
    Press the puttu mixture well with the palm of yr hand.
    Heat a pan and add the mashed jaggery with the cardamom powder and half cup of water.
    Make thick syrup under moderate fire.
    If we pour a drop in a cup of water, it must look like wax and be possible to roll in to a small ball.
    Put off the fire and pour this to the puttu mixture along with the dal and the coconut.
    Mix well.
    Heat the ghee in a small pan and fry the cashew nuts to golden brown.
    Pour on the puttu mixture.
    The delicious aval puttu is ready to serve!

  2. NOV's Avatar

    NOV said:
    Congratulations Mrs Mano on the third thread!
    Never argue with a fool or he will drag you down to his level and beat you at it through sheer experience!
  3. kugan98's Avatar

    kugan98 said:
    Congratulations Mrs Mano on the third thread!
    Thanks Kugan98
    Chefs are just like children.
    They should be seen not heard.
  4. Suja Rajkumar said:
    Congrats Mrs.Mano on your third thread. All the very best to you. Looking forward to many new recipes from you.

  5. selvieam said:

    congrats on starting the 3rd thread. i was so surprised, eventhough u r travelling today, u posted a receipe with ur hectic schedule.

  6. selvieam said:
    have a safe journey.
  7. Thattai said:
    Hi Mrs. Mano,

    Congrats on the third thread. And thanks for asking about us, we are all doing fine. The younger one is almost one... time flies, as I am sure u're also experiencing with ur grandson. Husband also always happy whenever I try out your recipes Hope everyone at your end is also doing well.

    Forgot to mention that I also made the idli podi which was also very good. Very good balance of flavours. Thanks for that as well.
  8. cdj said:
    Congratulations. மனமார்ந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
  9. NM said:
    Congratulations Mrs Mano and what a surprise- I was askign about one aval recipe in K-Thread and here you have started this thread with one aval recipe yum!
  10. sonu gopi said:
    Congratulations Mrs. Mano on your 3rd thread. May you have many more threads like this coming on its way....

    I am looking forward to making Rava iddlis. I ate from a leading restaurant here - it had strips of carrots laced on the top of the iddlis. I got to munch a few bits of cashewnuts, mustard seeds (not too much but just a few). It was so soft, white and not sour at all - to sum it up it was fantastic and I enjoyed it very much with sambar and coconut pudina chutney. I washed it down with a cup of hot masala tea.

    Pls could you show me how to make this awesome treat as my family really enjoyed it. Perhaps you would have sent it to your earlier threads - if so I would be so greatful if you would be kind enough to guide me to get it from your index.

    Thanking you in advance.