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Thread: 2015 Summary of IR Albums

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    2015 Summary of IR Albums

    Happy new year to all! Lets have a roundup of albums released this year and post our top 10 songs and opinions on his albums. 2016 is going to be a blast!

    2015 Albums
    Thaarai Thappattai
    Yevade Subramanyam (One Song)
    Abbayitho Ammayi
    Kida Poosari Magudi
    Porkalathil Oru Poo

    2015 Top 10 Songs
    1) Thaarai Thappattai - Theme
    2) Shamitabh - Stereophonic Sonnata
    3) Shamitabh - Thappad
    4) Shamitabh - Lifebuoy
    5) Abbayitho Ammayi - Saradale
    6) Yevade Subramanyam - Challa Galli
    7) Rudramadevi - Punnami Puvvai
    8) Kida Poosari Magudi - Muthu Muthu
    9) Thaarai Thappattai - Attakari Maaman Ponnu
    10) Shamitabh - Sha Sha Mi Mi

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    This year was probably IR's answer to the new trend in the industry. Shamitabh's stereophonic sonnata and Thaarai thappattai theme is the best hallmark of the IR genre. He basically showed that music is one by replacing the typical instruments for both songs with something completely not expected yet producing the same result. It doesn't matter that human chorus, electric guitar and pop elements were replacing the tribal percussions of asaiya kaathula in sterephonic sonnata OR the fact that nadhaswaram was replacing the violins in thaarai thappattai theme, they are all the same when it comes to music.

    There were so many other indications of his incorporation of new sounds/instruments in yevade subramanyam, abbayitho ammayi and rudrama devi. This year has been the strongest indication that he has already evolved to explore a new ocean in music.

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    1) Piddly Si Baatein ( unique combo in Indian Film Music Industry joining together very first time in a full fledged song..the reach this particular song received speaks the packaging of Raja.)
    2) Punnami Poovai
    3) Avuna Neevena
    4) Idarinum
    5) Kanulu Kalanu Piliche
    6) Paaruruvaaya
    7) Edhuru Choosthunna
    8) Thappad
    9) Vadhana Vadhana Vadivelane
    10) Maatallo Cheppaleni

    ** not including theme songs of Thaarai Thappattai as they don't be coming under song category.

    Infact, I tried to add Aattakaari , Sha Sha Sha, Anthapuramlo, Tholi Paruvam, Saradale and Okasaari in the above list but..
    சொல்லிச் சொல்லி ஆறாது சொன்னா துயர் தீராது...

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    Dear Venkkiram - Is anyone keeping track of Raaja's current running number? Is it 1075 or something closer? Please create a new thread for 2016 news and albums. Thank You.

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    Happy New Year to all Hubbers. 2015 was a pretty diverse and eclectic year for IR. Straddling a very wide range - from the heavy and traditional Tharai to the contemporary and almost un-IR like (at times) Shamitabh. To me, AA hit the sweet spot by being right in the middle, combining contemporary arrangements as well as IR's current ideas in terms of strings orchestration with more vintage-quality melodies. It also gave him the opportunity to do what he excelled at in the 80s and up to mid 90s and which TFM hardly affords him these days - great romantic numbers. There were individual tracks from the different albums that clicked for me but as an album the one that was almost an instant winner for me was AA.


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