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Thread: Kerala Floods - "Very Urgent Measures" to be undertaken for Post-Disaster Recovery

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    Kerala Floods - "Very Urgent Measures" to be undertaken for Post-Disaster Recovery

    Kerala Floods - "Very Urgent Measures" to be undertaken for Post-Disaster Recovery

    The Rains has ceased in certain areas and floods are receeding, but still many regions have not fully receeded preventing the affected people from starting their normal lives. Even if the Flood levels have receeded, many of them especially the poor have been left to start their lives almost from zero level. It is of immediate utmost necessity to plan out ways and means of providing them and others affected by the devastating Floods, with their basic needs and put them on their feet to restart their life.

    Vidiyaatha Eravu entru ethuvum illai !
    Mudiyaatha Thuyar entru ethuvum illai !
    Vadiyaatha Vellam entrum ethuvum illai !
    Vadaatha Vaalkai entrum ethuvum illai !

    "Perum Malai-Vellaththinaal thuvandra "Keralaththai" perum alivil irunthu - 'achcham ethuvum illaamal', 'eaatpatta alivitkku adimai aakaamal', meendum thunivodu, mana uruthiyodu, miha vekamaai, meettu eduppoam"

    Very Urgent Measures" to be undertaken for Post-Disaster Recovery

    Many teams of Volunteers should be formed - in every region already affected in Kerala, and in regions which are possibly prone to more rains and possible floods as per prediction by Kerala Meteorological Department - comprising of young Men with strength and vigor, and strong determination and willpower, to serve the people at the time of their grave crisis. Each of these teams should jointly pool their experience and knowledge already gained from disasters witnessed and experienced, and device new strategies to avert further human crisis and disaster with loss of lives and belongings in the event of fresh rains and any possible further flooding of various regions.

    It is of great importance that all young Men should abstain from all forms of Liquor and be in normal mindset to assist all people affected at an hour of great tragedy that has befallen in Kerala.

    Hence it is of absolute necessity that the Government of Kerala closes all Goverment Liquor Shops throughout Kerala, and enforce total ban on sales of Liquor in all forms, to prevent consumption by "Young Men and also the others used to same in - Kerala", at an hour of grave crisis to ensure the able bodied young Men are in their senses at a time when the services of 'each of them' are also needed to save and serve the people affected in this great calamity.

    The immediate action by the Goverment in this connection will help and prevent the brewing of further crisis in the Households where there are regular Liquor Consumers, ensuring that all financial aids provided by the Government and Private Organisation for their recovery and utilised for the very purpose they are intended, and not to add more problems with starvation and mental agony caused in these Households with no signs of recovery from the disaster and ending up in doom.

    Each team of Volunteers should markout different regions for themselves to carryout their Volunteer services - without many teams clustering and overlapping in their services in one region and plan out the immediate measures that are required for each of their own region where the requirements and priorities might vary. Their priorities in he cource of action should be as follows.

    (1) Ensure each and every member of all Household are now safe and able to re-start their life again, and if still the rain water has not receeded for them to start normal life take them to the nearest Rehabilitation Centres conducted by the Govenrment or Public Organisations untill such time they could come back to their own households and re-start their life.

    (2) Provide meals and fresh water bottles to all people affected in this great tragedy untill such time they recover and stand on their own feet with asistances provided by Private Organisations and the goverment.

    (3) Set up many Free Medical centres for some time to attend to all those who are withered by starvation and become sickly due to these heavy floods, and to other normal sickly people in these households. Try to have also Mobile Medical Services to reach every nook and corner of the affected regions, preventing the very sickly to find their way to these Medical centres.

    (4) Many Trauma Centres too should be setup and services of many Phycologists and Phycotheraphists should be sought to attend to the people both young and old affected from mental trauma from this great trajedy and help them to recover to their normalcy.

    In the meantime our Greivances are over 400 + People of Kerala who have lost their Lives in this Natural Disaster & Sympathies to the Families greiving over the death of their Kith and Kin

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