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Thread: Indo-European Music Research Project - Seeking cooperation for Raga identification

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    Indo-European Music Research Project - Seeking cooperation for Raga identification

    Dear Friends of Indian Classical Music!

    I founded a research project about the influence of India on European music of the 16th and 17th century, and I welcome to it any scholars or people who love music and can identify a Raga.
    Your ideas about which particular Ragas might be used in particular compositions in Europe of the time would be highly appreciated.

    I have studied the Raga principle for about half a year now and listened to countless Dhrupad and Khyal music, but I am no expert - it is such an overwhelming richness of diverse music! No lifetime can probably fathom this.

    It is very difficult to identify Ragas in polyphonic music for me, but maybe someone from India who has the culture in his or her heart is fond of helping me out.
    I cannot compensate you other than crediting your contributions. But maybe it brings joy to someone to see India's music encorporated in European compositions of such an old age!
    There is ample suspicion that after people from Europe were exploring the Indian continent, many things have been learned from Indian music.

    For example: the ciacona "Zefiro Torna" by Monteverdi seems to have been built on Gaud Sarang or a similar Raga. Maybe you can hear it.
    Also, the whole style of the piece to me seems heavily influenced by Khyal, also the echo effects.
    The Tala of the piece would also be interesting. The bass notes seem influenced by tabla or pakhawaj playing.

    The piece that follows after the fast intro seems like a Vilambit Gaud Sarang:

    This piece seems to me like it is based on Raga Megh Malhar, though not strictly pentatonic.

    The most puzzling piece is this Sonata by Giovanni Valentini - I suspect it is based on Jaijaiwanti - but which one?
    It is interesting how the piece progresses rhythmically - maybe you can identify what is happening here.

    There are many other interesting pieces that I would love to compare with Ragas. If anyone is interested to listen to them, please contact me.
    I would be happy about some feedback regarding this discovery. Maybe in the future we an make music together so that nobody needs to change anything and it might sound more that the two combined.

    Thank you!

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